Wyoming Healthy Soils Policy

Legislative Status Update

Updates in 2021-2023

Wyoming does not currently have policy related to soil health.

House Committee

Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources

Senate Committee

Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources

State Universities & Researchers

Agricultural Organizations & Technical Assistance:

Education & Advocacy Groups:

There are organizations promoting healthy soils education including public events, but this has yet to lead to a process of updating state policy. The Powder River Basin Resource Council has allied with the Sheridan County NRCS office, Sheridan County Conservation District, University of Wyoming Extension & Research Station and the Sheridan County Land Trust to put on a yearly two-day regenerative agriculture event featuring an expert on building soil health on ranch lands. Ranchers across Wyoming are increasingly interested in regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil health. University of Wyoming extension agents and our county conservation districts have invested resources to help educate ranchers and farmers.

Last Update 03/12/2024


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