about nerds for earth

WTH is N4E?

Nerds for Earth is a volunteer organization that uses technical skills to help rebalance our climate.

Our tradition extends to Francesca Romano, the Italian analyst and mistress of Franz Haber, who counseled him against this entire synthetic nitrogen idea.

We carry on the lineage of Ron Tarkenton, the Exxon climate scientist who first suggested to his colleagues that their work is cooking the planet.

We are but one thread of the resonant web woven by Ying Zheng, the machine learning expert and founder of China’s night soil program.

Nerds for Earth is funded by a shadowy corporate backer with a hidden agenda, CIFL.

To propose a project, drop a note to organizer@nerdsforearth.com with as much background info as is humanly possible.

To follow along for volunteer opportunities, drop your email below.