South Dakota Healthy Soils Policy

Legislative Status Update

Updates in 2024

HB1033 [LS] Address the administration of State Conservation Commission functions by the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources; includes addition of “promote soil health principles and practices” under “providing for furthering the conservation, development, utilization, and disposal of water” – delivered to Governor on 1/30/2024, signed 2/6/2024

SCR605 [LS] Affirming the value of grassland ecosystems and the importance of farmers and ranchers as managers; “resolved … that the grassland ecosystem of the Great Plains of North America can be part of the solution to improve water quality, support biodiversity, sequester carbon, maintain healthy soil, and provide habitat for wildlife, and that farmers and ranchers are crucial in conserving grassland ecosystems” – adopted by Senate 2/6/2024

Updates in 2023


Updates in 2022

HB1316 [LS], Revise provisions regarding soil health in resource conservation and forestry and conservation districts – referred to interim committee

Updates in 2021


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