Puerto Rico Healthy Soils Policy

Act 225 (1995) Agricultural Tax Incentives Act of Puerto Rico

Provides a tax credit to incentivize investment in agricultural businesses on the island. It doesn’t mention or consider soil health or practices specifically. 

Act 228 (2003) Organic Products Act of Puerto Rico 

This Act aims to protect consumers from false advertising by creating a certification for organic agriculture produced in Puerto Rico. Although the Act doesn’t specifically incentivize organic production, it allows consumers who want to support organic production to make informed decisions. 

Act 131 (2014) Comprehensive Agriculture Strategic Plan Act of Puerto Rico

This created a commission to create a strategic plan to promote development in the agriculture sector but it doesn’t necessarily consider soil health.  

Law 63 (2015) Act for the Organization and Development of Family Agriculture Markets in Puerto Rico 

This law was created to support local, family farms be profitable. Although the law does not specifically consider soil health family farms are often more likely to engage in conservation practices that build soil health. 

Law 140 (2015) Act for the Management of Agriculture  Practices in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico 

This law allows the Department of Agriculture to establish a public policy to encourage and advise farmers on how to carry out agricultural practices necessary to obtain the higher crop yield. This provides the opportunity for the Puerto Rican Department of Agriculture to have a substantial impact on increasing the adoption of soil health practices.