North Carolina Healthy Soils Policy

Legislative Status Update

Updates in 2023


Updates in 2022

H798 [LS], NC Healthy Soils Act – stalled in committee

S694 [LS] Black Farmer Restoration Program – stalled in committee

H637 [LS], Compost Procurement Act – stalled in committee

H939 [LS], Food Waste Reduction Act – stalled in committee

Updates in 2021


Joint Committees

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Agriculture and Natural Economic Resources

Agriculture and Forestry Awareness Study Commission

Education & Advocacy Groups

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Division of Soil & Water Conservation

State Universities & Researchers

Agricultural Organizations & Technical Assistance:

Tools & Guidance:

North Carolina Natural and Working Lands Action Plan

This site is meant to facilitate groups, agencies, and individuals wishing to learn about and advance soil health policy. Organization names are not mentioned here for privacy, interested parties are encouraged to send an email to the state page contact with requests for state-specific information. 

Last Update 01/18/2024