New Jersey Healthy Soils Policy

Legislative Status Update

Updates in 2023

A3017 [LS] Establishes New Jersey Healthy Soils Program; as currently drafted, is essentially a soil testing program. – passed House, in Senate

A3444 [LS] Establishes Organic Farming Board in Department of Agriculture; includes that board “develop, administer, and oversee programs” for organic and regenerative farming. Defines “Regenerative farming” as “farming and grazing practices that (a) prioritize soil health and ecosystem health, (b) reduce reliance on synthetic inputs, (c) reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter, sequestering carbon, and restoring degraded soil biodiversity, and (d) engage in conservation practices to ensure the long-term health of the farm’s ecosystem, among many benefits.” – signed and enacted 1/10/2023

Updates in 2022

A3017 [LS], Establishes New Jersey Healthy Soils Program; establishes grant program for soil testing of urban agriculture sites; establishes Urban Agriculture Site Soil Testing Fund – stalled in committee

AR52 [LS], Urges NJ to join United States Climate Alliance Natural and Working Lands challenge, “The NWL challenge encourages its participants to consider, and, as appropriate, adopt practices that increase long-term carbon sequestration in forests, protect existing natural and working lands from conversion, support healthy soils on farms and ranches, restore coastal wetlands and sub-tidal habitats that protect shorelines from sea level rise, restore ecosystems and protect open space watersheds, and grow the urban forest and other greenspace to improve health and livability.” (further legislation probably needed to achieve the goals of the NWL challenge) – stalled in committee

Updates in 2021


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This site is meant to facilitate groups, agencies, and individuals wishing to learn about and advance soil health policy. Organization names are not mentioned here for privacy, interested parties are encouraged to send an email to the state page contact with requests for state-specific information. 

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